BT Wiggerland Farm to Oakley Wood (5 miles)

This is a 5 mile circular walk that takes you out of the village along the path that runs to Middle Farm with great views of Highdown Hill (see gallery). Although the walk takes you close to and across the M40 the route still retains a marvellous rural feel with the panorama across to Bromson Hill and the Chesterton Windmill, then the beauty of Wiggerland and Oakley Woods.

Map of the Tachbrook, Wiggerland wood walk.

The map shows the route labelled in red 1 to 10. Camera signs correspond to the attached photos that give a taster of the walk and show which gates and signs to follow.

  1. Starting at the St Chads Church head south past the thatched cottages and towards Oakley Wood Road
Path off Oakley Wood Road to Middle Farm

2. Follow the gravel track for a few hundred yards keeping right towards Middle Farm. On your left the small hill is Highdown Hill, on your right across the field a different view of Oakley Meadows houses. (see slides below)

3 At this point leave the gravel track to the right (a large agricultural field with a lonely oak standing proudly in the middle) Follow the sign post (OS map) use the clearly defined path to cut across the field (red arrow and picture). (There are seasonal changes so green arrow is an alternative route, but not preferred). A stile in this hedge just past the small pond covered with trees is your target.

4. For the next 1/4 mile follow the arrows marked on the various gates, but generally head south towards Wiggerland Farm (which also has a transmitter mast close by as a landmark).

The gates and stiles to Wiggerland Farm

5. Walk around the perimeter of Wiggerland Farm and turn right at the transmitter mast along the concrete road, taking you over the M40 and to the Banbury Road. Note Bromson Hill and the windmill on your left, solar panels to your right!

Path over the M40 and green energy old and new!

6. At the end of the driveway turn right up the Banbury Road. Note from a distance it’s not obvious but the Banbury Road is at the end so keep children, dogs etc under supervision. Walk up on the verges, cross the road past the P (sign) lay-by, past the 50 speed limit sign, then turn left over the stile, at the beginning of Wiggerland Wood

7. Follow the arrows at the stiles but basically follow the perimeter of the wood. Great trees and views here, a taster is shown in the slide show below.

8. Leave Wiggerland Wood and cross over the Moreton Morrell Road and enter Oakley Wood . Follow the path until the first clear path on the right appears (100 yards). Follow this, without deviation for 1/2 mile. You should be heading North parallel to the Banbury Road

Entrance To Oakley off Moreton Morrell Road

9. After 1/2 mile you will encounter another major path, turn right and you should see the exit gate of Oakley Wood and the Oakley Wood Road.

10. Carefully cross the Banbury Road, and go up Oakley Wood Road. Use the verges, 100 yards after crossing the bridge enter the footpath that leads to Oakley Meadows estate.

10. Walk towards the houses, through the gate and up the hill carefully passing the saplings. At the top of the hill follow the path that takes you onto Holt Avenue.

Path to Holt Avenue

11. At Holt Avenue you should know your way home.

6 replies on “BT Wiggerland Farm to Oakley Wood (5 miles)”

Thank you so much for sharing this, I’ve just ran this from Warwick Gates and it was such a lovely route. Really straightforward directions too.


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