BT to Ashorne (5 miles)

This 5 mile walk takes you down through Oakley Woods where you turn towards Ashorne, you then climb to Ashorne Park the highest point nearby and back through Oakley Wood.

Map BT to Ashorne

The map shows the route labelled in red 1 to 11. Camera signs correspond to the attached photos that give a taster of the walk and show which gates and signs to follow.

  1. Start the walk on Holt Avenue (off Mallory Rd), at the end of the avenue turn right through the new gate (A)
View after leaving Holt Avenue

2. A short walk brings you to a high point with Oakley Meadows houses on your left and a good panorama of the local countryside (try and spot the Chesterton Windmill). Walk parallel to the houses down to the gate that leads you on a path that runs alongside Oakley Wood Road

3. Go through the gate and carefully proceed over the motorway bridge, use the verges to reach the Banbury Road and Oakley Wood entrance.

4. Walk on the verge of Oakley Wood Road and enter Oakley Wood after crossing the Banbury Road

Entrance to Oakley Wood

5. Walk straight through the wood, at the exit which takes you close to the Wellesbourne Road turn left up the track. A slightly shorter walk at this point is to follow the perimeter of Oakley Wood which will take you to the entrance of Oakley Wood at Ashorne conference centre.

6. Follow the straight track carefully through Ashorne House Farm.

7. Keep straight on, where the path splits into a narrow path on the right that stands above a wider deeper track, the narrow track may get more difficult to pass as the hedges grow. The path goes downhill after a few hundred yards where you meet a crossroad, straight on takes you into Ashorne village, taking the fork back up the hill takes you to Ashorne park, back towards BT.

8. At the top of the hill just follow the route pointed to by the stile arrows. If you look behind you have a good view towards Stratford and Loxely. Apologies at this point my camera started to misbehave.

Follow the marked route through Ashorne Park with the conference centre to your right. There are some impressive trees here. You are aiming for the top right hand corner of the perimeter of Oakley Wood.

9. Enter Oakley Wood . Follow the path until the first clear path on the right appears (100 yards). Follow this, without deviation for 1/2 mile. You should be heading North parallel to the Banbury Road

Entry Oakley Wood

10. After 1/2 mile you will encounter another major path, turn right and you should see the exit gate of Oakley Wood and the Oakley Wood Road.

Exit out of Oakley Wood

11. Carefully cross the Banbury Road, and go up Oakley Wood Road. Use the verges, 100 yards after crossing the bridge enter the footpath that leads to Oakley Meadows estate.

Entrance off Oakley Rd

12. Walk towards the houses, through the gate and up the hill carefully passing the saplings. At the top of the hill follow the path that takes you onto Holt Avenue.

path to Holt Ave

13. At Holt Avenue you should know your way home.

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